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Delivering Net-Zero for Manufacturing 

Achieving net-zero within the manufacturing sector requires detailed understanding of your facility’s complex energy needs. With multiple production lines, data sources and systems, and often no unified access to data, it can be difficult to pinpoint where decarbonisation efforts are best focused. This is where our digital twin solutions can help. Assess different scenarios to optimise operational efficiency, reduce energy, CO2 emissions and costs, and explore the potential for local energy production and waste heat recovery, in one centralised platform.

Lower Operational Energy Costs

Improve Productivity & Efficiency

Decarbonise your Site

Safe, Well-Ventilated Spaces

Increase Employee Productivity

Introducing: IES Live

Never settle for a building that uses excessive energy. It’s time to take control, reduce energy risk, increase resilience, unlock net-zero potential, and deliver healthy and comfortable spaces. Discover how IES Live delivers the next- generation of energy, carbon and comfort management.

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Holistic Approach to Manufacturing Modelling

Our ICL technology provides an integrated approach to building physics and manufacturing processes, which provides a full understanding of the overall energy balance in a factory.

  • Reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency of operations and buildings
  • Virtual copy of facility to analyse and understand future operations without physically changing anything
  • Simulation and analysis of changes to process layouts, behaviours and technologies
  • Access entire operational data for complex processes in one place from anywhere
  • Analyse and understand impact and benefit of potential local energy production
  • Simulate the potential for waste heat recovery and reuse

Simplified Data Management, Organisation & Visualisation

Long on data; short on insights – manufacturers have multiple lines, data sources and systems, but no unified access to production data. Our technology is used to gather, manage and analyse this valuable building data in one central place.

  • Import data from variety of sources - BMS, sensors on equipment, existing databases, utility bills
  • Manual or automated data uploads
  • AI & machine learning – fills gaps in data
  • Data visualized through online dashboards - view production data securely anywhere in the world

Simulate & Analyse Changes to Equipment Operation & Technologies

Digital Twins can be used to model numerous scenarios to improve the effective and efficient running of factory processes. Optimal scenarios for both technical and economic requirements can be simulated, chosen and actioned. Simulations and analysis may include:

  • Changes to operating profiles to reduce energy consumption
  • Impact and benefit of potential local energy production for use in the facility instead of supply from the grid
  • Simulate the potential for waste heat recovery and reuse

Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (IETF) Phase 3

The Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (IETF) supports industrial sites with high energy use to transition to a low carbon future. With the next round of funding applications due to open in Summer 2024, industrial sites in England, Wales and Northern Ireland can bid for a share of IETF Phase 3 grant funding to support feasibility and engineering studies, energy efficiency and decarbonisation projects.

ON-DEMAND webinar

Empowering Net-Zero Manufacturing: Digital Insights and Funding Opportunities for Industrial Sites

This session discusses the latest IETF Phase 3 funding guidance, as well as the technology, services and funding application support available from IES to support energy efficiency and decarbonisation projects for industrial sites.



Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (IETF) Phase 3 – Project Partner Opportunities

If you operate an industrial site or data centre in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, and are seeking funding support and project partners to deliver on your energy efficiency or decarbonisation goals, read our blog to find out more about the scheme and some of the ways in which IES can support.

Manufacturing & Industry Resources


How Tech is Cutting Energy Waste and Boosting Efficiency in Manufacturing

This Raconteur Insight report explores how tech is supporting the Manufacturing sector in the race to net-zero, with specific focus on its buildings. Discover how digital twins can provide the secret weapon to driving energy, carbon and cost savings across the sector.


How can Digital Twins support Manufacturers on the path to Net-Zero?

This free on-demand webinar, hosted in partnership with the Food & Drink Federation (FDF), demonstrates how manufacturers can exploit digital twin technology to unlock energy and cost savings across their facilities and map their pathway to net-zero.


Free Waste Heat & Energy Savings Calculator

This tool can help you understand the estimated potential waste heat/cooling that your site may be producing and aligns this to technology types that can be used to recover and re-use this. It also looks at the potential cost and energy savings associated with key net-zero investment strategies and interventions.

Digital Twin Technology in Action

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