Earth Day 2020

Take Climate Action with Digital Twins for the Built Environment

As Earth Day celebrates 50 years as the largest worldwide environmental movement, IES recently reached its own milestone - 25 years of reducing the impact of buildings on our planet. In that time, we’ve learned that the built environment accounts for 40% of the world’s energy use. And with the race to zero-carbon now well and truly on, we need to avert from the norm to make real, substantial change, before it's too late. 

After 25 years pioneering sustainable analytics for the built environment, we can proudly say the technology to make such change is here. Check out our Earth Day infographic to learn more about the ICL Digital Twin: a solution to empower everyone - whether companies, communities, cities, countries or citizens - to take meaningful climate action across the built environment. 

Climate Change: The Slow Motion Pandemic

Climate Change: The Slow Motion Pandemic
Today's Earth Day is very different. The COVID-19 crisis reminds us just how fragile life is, and how much more we need to protect our planet in the future. Read the latest from our CEO & Founder, Don McLean, where he compares the global impacts of the current pandemic  and climate change and the lessons we can learn from our approach to these global challenges moving forward.

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