This is where IES Digital Twin technology is uniquely positioned to help.

We can provide the energy use clarity your organisation needs to take control and make the highest impact decisions to reduce energy consumption, greenhouse emissions and costs. Following the five steps outlined below, we’ll help you identify affordable net zero interventions that will help build resilience and futureproof your buildings for years to come.

We can even create a detailed net zero roadmap to help you understand the current performance of your building, community, portfolio or city, and simulate the impact of various changes and investments over time. Helping you meet targets for 2030, 2050 and beyond, tracking progress and providing a dynamic approach that is able to adapt to any unforeseen challenges along the way.

5 Steps to Net Zero

  • Step 1

    Data Gathering

    Together, we will identify and gather energy consumption and metering data,  system performance data and building use data including occupancy profiles.

  • Step 2

    Identify & Cut Energy Waste

    We put the available data sets through our digital twinning software to provide insights into energy wastage and reduce energy costs. We then identify key energy saving measures with accurate forecasting of potential savings and payback periods. 

  • Step 3

    Affordable Net Zero Interventions

    We can then further develop the digital twin to take you to the next stage and test scenarios that move you towards net zero. Potential building retrofit options for the envelope or energy systems can be identified and modelled to see if energy efficiency and emissions can be improved.

  • Step 4

    Energy Sharing & Resilience

    We can then incorporate energy network information into the digital twin to work out how to reduce grid imports and make your building(s) more energy self sufficient. Firstly considering how to meet as much of your energy demand from local sharing or waste heat reuse, before exploring where onsite renewables can be deployed to meet your remaining energy needs.

  • Step 5

    Create Net Zero Roadmap

    We can combine all of the above as part of one integrated digital twin solution to create a live, interactive roadmap to net zero. Allowing you to continually test, compare, visualise and communicate the impact of different decisions, track progress and refine action plans as you go. Providing an invaluable digital asset to support better, more confident decisions at every step in your decarbonisation journey.

Sleeping Digital Twins

IES can re-awaken existing 3D design, compliance or BIM models of your building as an intelligent performance digital twin that can be used across your building's entire lifecycle. Your performance digital twin can maximise the performance of your buildings and de-risk decision making, allowing you to make better decisions for the future.

  • Monitor and optimise building performance in real time
  • Simulate future 'what-if' scenarios and technologies to map your route to zero carbon
  • Analyse a range of performance metrics such as energy and costs
  • Improve the comfort, health and wellbeing of building occupants

Digital Twins for Zero Carbon Roadmapping

Our digital twin solutions help to formulate and refine decarbonisation strategies. Compare different options, simulate the outcomes and track progress in real time to ensure your plans deliver on expectations.

  • Identify a clear path to deliver on net zero obligations
  • Audit existing plans to ensure they are adequate to meet your goals
  • Make informed retrofit / renovation / rebuild decisions
  • Balance net zero plans against other priorities (costs, health & wellbeing, energy security, etc.)
  • Safeguard your reputation and enhance your ESG reporting
  • Communicate net zero plans & progress using visually engaging 3D models

Free Download: edie Net-Zero November Summary Report 2023

Covering all net-zero facets, from green policy and innovation, to energy security and the built environment, the edie Net-Zero November 2023 Summary Report, delivered in partnership with IES, is designed to act as a blueprint for business leadership as we move from ambition into action in the race to zero emissions.

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Net Zero Compliance

Our digital twin technology can help you comply with local legislation and policies across the U.S.

Customisable Net Zero Roadmaps

Whether it's an individual building or multiple buildings across a campus, city or portfolio, our technology can be used to create a custom net zero carbon roadmap specifically designed to achieve zero carbon targets for your buildings and energy networks.


Building Level
Net Zero Roadmap


Campus Level
Net Zero Roadmap


City Level
Net Zero Roadmap

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