IES Virtual Environment is University College London's software of choice for Environmental Design and Engineering Courses


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University College London has been teaching the IES Virtual Environment (IESVE) as part of its MSC Environmental Design and Engineering course for 10 years with designing and operating energy efficient buildings being its key teaching focus.

Key Facts

  • IESVE Core software taught on Environmental Design and Engineering Programme
  • 60 students from around the world each year
  • IESVE preferred choice due to wide spread use in industry

University College London (UCL) prides itself on its MSC Environmental Design and Engineering programme which focusses on teaching students how to design and operate energy efficient buildings with thermal comfort for occupants in mind. The programme comprises of around 60 students each year from all around the world with typically over 20 different nationalities. The multi-disciplinary programme attracts students from many different backgrounds, including architectural, engineering and non-related backgrounds such as chemistry and finance.

With more stringent zero-carbon targets coming in to force to combat the global climate emergency, the need to decarbonise our built environment has never been so urgent. UCL are very much aware of this and emphasise to its students the huge role that building simulation tools such as the IESVE has to play in this.

“One of the topics that we’re emphasising at the moment within the context of net-zero building design is the importance of Lifecycle Carbon Analysis. The IESVE is used for simulating operational energy use as a part of the process for calculating Lifecycle Carbon Emissions.”
Sung Min Hong, Programme Director

IESVE is the core building simulation software taught to students. The university teaches students to use IESVE for designing buildings based on evidence rather than assumptions. The IESVE is UCL’s preferred choice of software for many reasons, with the main one being that it is widely used in the industry which makes it easier for a more seamless transition for its students. The level of integration between applications in the IESVE is also seen as a benefit in the way that it makes it easier for students to familiarise themselves with Dynamic Thermal Simulation.

“Many students come from non-related backgrounds so are not experienced in the use of simulation tools. The IESVE’s easy to use interface and smooth integration between applications makes it easy for the students to grasp.”
Dashamir Marini, Lecturer

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