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IES Virtual Environment was used to help Vienna Court achieve the first LEED Gold Certification in Kenya.

Key Facts

  • LEED Gold Certification (First in Kenya)
  • 24% Energy and Cost Savings

Consulting Building Services Engineers used the IESVE software suite to achieve one of Kenya’s first LEED Gold certifications.

The IESVE was used to create a detailed energy model of Vienna court and carry out extensive daylighting, solar and HVAC analysis. This included a thorough analysis of façade performance and types of glazing to achieve all LEED daylighting credits.

Vienna Court is an upcoming five storey development on Processional Way, between the Central Business District and State House Nairobi, that is setting new standards in sustainable office space with features that include: rainwater harvesting, solar control glass, balconies for solar shading, and bicycle storage facilities.

As first time users of the IESVE, the project Engineers were pleasantly surprised by how easy the VE was to use with minimal training and support. They also found a key benefit to be the way in which the VE significantly sped up the LEED Certification Process.

The team found the ApacheHVAC module particularly useful as they were able to easily find accurate HVAC data which can be challenging to source in Africa due to the high volume of suppliers. Through detailed performance analysis, the team were able to obtain energy and cost savings of 24% more than the ASHRAE baseline.

“As first time users we felt very comfortable working with the IESVE. We tested it in parallel with other software that we were more familiar with, modelling first in Energy Plus, then in IES. Using IESVE for the first time, with just our notes and some assistance with specific queries from IES, we felt IESVE was easy to understand once experienced with other simulation engines. The models were slightly different, but the results similar enough to be happy they were accurate”

Mike Barker, Lead Engineer

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