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Delta Green have been using IES TaP for the past 5 years, they now use it to manage all of their BREEAM projects.

Key Facts

  • Significant time saver
  • Automatic reminders
  • User-friendly progress dashboard
  • Simulate different scenarios

Delta Green have been using IES TaP for the past 5 years, they now use it to manage all of their BREEAM projects. Prior to using IES TaP they relied on excel worksheets and laborious processes to gather evidence, coordinate team members and ensure all the required paperwork was updated. Using IES TaP has enabled them to leave all these processes behind and efficiently manage all of their assessments from one platform, saving them a huge amount of time.

George Kent, BREEAM Assessor at Delta Green explained, “With IES TaP the evidence is now sitting waiting for me against the correct credits when I log in. The system allows me to review evidence instantly, comment and then update the system automatically so I don’t have to go through the process of updating anything manually.”

“It saves us a significant amount of time as assessors; we can automatically generate trackers and send them to people, and it gives clients the opportunity to log in themselves and see where they are on a project without relying on us being in the office to tell them, so it saves us a lot of time which amounts to significant cost savings. I’d say it saves us several days over the course of a whole assessment so it’s certainly a very worthwhile tool.”

Other benefits of using IES TaP that Delta Green have found are:

Automatic Reminders: it sends the automatic emails to the team to let them know when their evidence is due freeing up the assessors time.

Simulating different scenarios: a really useful feature to see what the options are and show teams how removing one credit or adding another etc. can affect the overall score.

User-friendly progress dashboard: you can log on to the system and instantly see how the project is performing with the progress bars. It’s really satisfying to see the project’s progress and see the requirements being ticked off one by one.

Hollingdean Road, Brighton
This project was a student accommodation space in which Delta Green needed to attain certification for very quickly. Brighton and Hove council have very strict planning requirements; they set out a planning condition that this development had to be design stage BREEAM certified prior to commencement of any works onsite. So the team was under quite a lot of pressure to get all the information and documentation correct to sign off the development at design stage prior to the appointment of the contractor.

“IES TaP was a really useful tool in communicating exactly what needed to go into those documents and for me to review those documents quickly and advise if there was any gaps so that we got it all right first time. We received certification in just a few months using IES TaP. Often it takes over a year to get design-stage certification. IES TaP just sped the whole process up which is exactly what we needed in that particular situation.” - George Kent

Portland Road, Hove
For this shell and core leisure space project the developers were not familiar with BREEAM at all and needed a lot of guidance throughout the process. Again, because of Brighton Hove Council planning requirements, they needed to ensure they had design stage BREEAM certification before commencement of work and they also needed post-construction certification prior to sale or occupation of the development.

“IES TaP was very useful for this project as it allowed us to edit the specific evidence requirements, enabling us to simplify and really clearly explain what was needed from the developers to again, get it right first time. The IES TaP system was really helpful for the developers as newcomers to BREEAM as it allowed them to easily familiarise themselves with the whole process.”

George Kent

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