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The Living Lattice Building earns China’s first BREEAM Outstanding certification using IES and BRE’s Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) tool, IMPACT.

Key Facts

  • 15 million m2 development
  • Flagship building of the new £6bn Meixi Lake Eco City
  • First certification in the world using BREEAM International New Construction 2013
  • Golden Award for Sustainable Built Environment of the 10th Elite Science and Technology Award in 2013

The Franshion Green Building Exhibition Centre, called the ‘Living Lattice’ is the flagship building of the new £6 billion Meixi Lake Eco City, one of eight new exemplar eco cities in China, comprising almost 15 million m2 of development.

Designed by a multidisciplinary team featuring Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios, BRE and the Shanghai Research Institute of Building Science (SRIBS), the building meets the highest standards in BREEAM and China’s Three Star green building assessment. It is set to become an exemplar in sustainable construction, driving innovation and best practice in the global built environment.

The Shanghai Research Institute of Building Science (SRIBS) used the VE IMPACT Compliant Suite to perform the required LCA calculations to gain the ‘Life Cycle Impacts’ credits under the BREEAM International scheme. In doing so, IMPACT directly helped the design team to critically assess the Environmental impact of the material and product choices under consideration to reduce the Environmental impact of the Exhibition Centre over its life time, while understanding the Capital Cost and Life Cycle Costs.

The first project in China to earn a BREEAM Outstanding certification, the project has also been given the Golden Award for Sustainable Built Environment of the 10th Elite Science and Technology Award in 2013. The Elite Award is the only government approved award given to the achievements of sciences and technologies made in the field of built environment and urban development, and it is the top level award in this field in China.

“As a long-term user of the IES Virtual Environment (IES VE), I found the integration with the IMPACT tool very straight forward and easy to use. I have already recommended the VE and IMPACT building performance software suite to many of my colleagues and we are benefiting from IMPACT on other projects currently.”

“The biggest benefit was the ease of integration between IMPACT and the VE. We were able to use the existing VE for the LCA IMPACT calculations’ in addition to other analysis such as Daylighting, Solar Shading, BREEAM, Energy, etc. The integration of IMPACT with the VE made the process so much easier than previous tools and enabled us to gain the required credits to achieve the BREEAM Outstanding rating. From our experience, the VE IMPACT tool is the best on the market.”

Jiazhen Xu, SRIBS

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