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EEPlius used IESVE to achieve the highest LEED Rating (Platinum) in the Baltic States for the 3 Bures Office Building.

Key Facts

  • Highest LEED Rating (Platinum) in the Baltic States
  • A rating energy efficiency level
  • Awarded “The best BIM public building project” by the National Digital Construction Association

EEPlius used IESVE to achieve the highest LEED Rating (Platinum) in the Baltic States for the 3 Bures Office Building.

The 3 Burės building is a one of a high-rise building trio in Vilnius city centre, Lithuania. EEPlius, the sustainability engineers on the project, used the IESVE to create a building energy model that reflected predicted energy consumption and running costs.

The main objective for EEPlius was to achieve the maximum amount of LEED EAp1 credits without running over on costs. The challenge was to identify the measures that would create the required amount of the cost savings in comparison to the ASHRAE 90.1 baseline. To do this the EEPlius team used the IESVE ASHRAE 90.1 Navigator, which took them smoothly through the simulation process and directed them to the outcomes required for LEED certification.

One of the unique energy savings features is that the building utilizes ground heating and cooling via borehole heat exchangers and a ground source heat pump. It provides heating and cooling in passive and active modes. This is one of the very first projects in Lithuania utilizing geothermal heat for public building conditioning.

EEPlius selected IESVE due to previous experience of using the software to comply with building sustainability schemes. Its previous successful experience in creating energy efficient designs for BREEAM projects led to them choosing IESVE for this project. Other considered software tools, from the company’s perspective, could not provide efficient guidance workflow or clear process on how to perform tasks required for ASHRAE 90.1 model creation and documentation preparation suitable for LEED submission. 

This building achieved LEED Platinum certification, as well as an A rating energy efficiency level. It also gained the award of “The best BIM public building project” given by the national digital construction association (Skaitmeninė statyba): https://www.yit.lt/apie-mus/naujienos/2019/bim-apdovanojimas.

“IESVE is a great tool for complex simulations when energy performance, HVAC operation and daylight calculations are the main questions. When a combination of different options is being assessed IESVE is able to make detailed calculations to test assumptions before honing in with detailed HVAC performance simulation. The IESVE helped us not only achieve the required LEED credits but also helped us ensure other aspects like thermal comfort and natural light were achieved when considering design alternatives.”
Karolis Januševičius, Project Manager/ Energy Specialist

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