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A400 used the IES Virtual Environment (IESVE) to design and perform whole building energy simulation to quantify energy savings for this commercial office building.

Key Facts

  • Energy efficient and cost-effective measures studied within IESVE
  • Portuguese energy class A
  • 25% energy savings

EXPO is an office and services building, located in Parque das Nações, Lisbon. The 44,750m2 building comprises of: two levels for parking and technical services, one level of retail and communal space and eleven levels of dedicated office facilities, including a bar and fitness area.

A400 used the IESVE software to create a 3D analysis model, using architectural design data to take account of shading devices and adjacent buildings, to perform the whole building energy simulation. Occupancy, lighting and equipment densities, as well as the HVAC system configuration and respective operation profiles, were introduced into the model. The building will be connected to Parque das Nações’ district heating and cooling network, Climaespaço, which distributes hot and cold water through a four-pipe distribution system.

The IESVE was used to implement and assess the most energy and cost-effective efficient measures within the model, as well as ensuring occupant thermal comfort. Since the façade of the building is almost 100% glass, its characteristics have been optimised to minimise cooling needs. Daylight modelling, performed in RadianceIES, was used to assess illuminance levels for daylight dimming in order to quantify energy reductions. While, using the ApacheHVAC application, studies around central ventilation and terminal units control strategies, as well as demand controlled ventilation, were performed.

According to the Portuguese energy certification system (SCE), which compares the modelled building to a reference building, where measures are applied according to Portuguese legislation, the building reached energy class A.

“At A400, we seek to take full advantage of IESVE’s potential, using it for detailed modelling and control of HVAC system design, daylight calculations and natural ventilation studies. IESVE is also the tool we use for the dynamic simulation required by the Portuguese energy certification system (SCE). These detailed analysis tools allow us to support decisions, together with the project team, with a focus on building optimization and combining energy efficiency with high levels of thermal comfort.” 
- Paulo Félix, HVAC Head of Department/Energy Specialist, A400

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