In-use Building Data Analysis

Make sense of operational data to improve in-use energy & carbon performance

A Single Platform to Analyse In-use Building Data and Reduce the Performance Gap

iSCAN centralises any time-series data from different building and energy management systems, utility portals, IoT sensors and historic files, alongside simulated data from our other tools. Organise, visualise and analyse this data to gain intelligent insights to improve in-use building performance.


In-Use Performance Evaluation

Simulated + Live + Historic Data

Real Energy  Demand Profiles

Energy Model Calibration

Measurement & Verification (M&V)

Advanced Commissioning


Intelligent Data Insights

Streamline the process of gathering and analysing your operational building data, and generate real energy demand profiles from existing buildings for further analysis within the VE, iCD or iVN.

Single Platform

Move away from using multiple spreadsheets and reduce how long it takes to gather, organise, manage, and interrogate operational building data.

  • Store multiple data sets in one location
  • More easily discover insights by cross data set interrogation
  • Handle historic, live and simulated data
  • Upload spreadsheets, utility meter and sub-meter data, and old BMS logs
  • Make direct BMS and IoT connections

Combine Simulated and Real Data

Import simulated data into iSCAN to compare against actual use, or create and export real building energy demand profiles, to support analysis of retrofit or existing building projects.

Enhance Operational Building Services

Facilitate the use of operational building data on client projects to reduce the performance gap and ensure high standards of performance during a building's operation.

  • In-Use Performance and Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE)
  • NABERS Assessments
  • Measurement & Verification (M&V)
  • Advanced Commissioning - Seasonal, LEED, Monitoring-Based (MBCx)
  • Deliver regular reports to clients e.g. out of hours use & alarms/alerts

Some examples of using iSCAN

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