40% of global energy is used by buildings

We want to take away the 4

Our Vision

IES is involved in all levels of research for sustainable and environmental design for spaces, buildings, neighbourhoods and cities.

We currently invest over a quarter of our revenue into Research & Development and have a proven track record of working with industrial and academic partners on singular and collaborative research projects. We are continuously researching new methodologies and technologies. This includes windows, renewable energy technology, green facades, smart facades/envelopes and the modelling of processes and flows, to mention a few.

We work directly with industry partners, such as Daikin and Monodraught, using the simulation environment to virtually prototype new technologies and validate the improvements generated by these technologies in real buildings. Industrial partners can engage with us on a number of fronts both to develop their own business and also to engage in collaborative Research and Development.

Intelligent Communities

  • Simulation of Portfolios of Buildings Across a City
  • District Modelling and Simulation
  • Modelling the Connections between Buildings, The Electricity Grid and Renewable Technologies
  • Demand Response and Tariff Analysis
  • Simulation of Water and Waste Networks
  • Simulation of Transport Networks and the EV Grid

Partner With Us

We currently invest over a quarter of our revenue into Research and Development to enhance the existing IES suite of products, as well as develop new innovative technology for the built environment.


IES Can Now Apply for Research Funding as both IES Ireland and IES UK

IES has established a new European company, IES Ireland, based in Dublin. This dedicated R&D company provides flexibility to our existing and potential new Research Partners when it comes to working with us.


Successful Funding Record

Funding has been acquired from both National: Scottish Enterprise, the UK Technology Strategy Board (Now Innovate UK), and European Programmes: 7th Framework (FP7), Horizon 2020 (H2020) and Competitiveness and Innovation (CIP).


Collaborative Approach

As an experienced manager of collaborative funded research projects, IES has worked closely with industry partners, academic institutions and research organisations. Industrial partners have the opportunity to engage with IES and develop their own business, while academic collaboration and sponsorship of Postgraduate and Postdoctoral research integrates state of the art research and third party validation of new technology and developments.


Commercial Focus

We have been successful in producing a number of commercially viable products as a result of IES R&D projects. Notable examples include our Intelligent Communities Lifecycle (ICL) digital twin technology suite, HONE and Parametric Optimisation tools, the IMPACT Compliant Suite, and the Glasgow Energy App (Glasgow Future Cities).

Contact Us

If you'd like any further information about our projects or to enquire about partnering with us, please get in touch.