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Resource and Energy Efficient Manufacturing

Project Summary

REEMAIN was launched to provide solutions that will help reduce the energy consumption of, and ultimately make, factory buildings more sustainable. The project sought to make this possible through the integration of renewable energy technologies and resource saving strategies; taking into account both the factory processes and the factory environment itself.

REEMAIN combined cutting edge knowledge and experience from production processes, professional energy simulation, energy and resource planning and renewable energy and storage to develop and demonstrate a methodology which will boost efficiency in energy and resources use within a factory. This methodology was supported by a decision support tool which will allow factory owners to take a significant step towards the goal of zero-carbon manufacturing.

The tool was deployed across three demo factories: GULLON (Biscuit), BOSSA (Textile) and SCM (Iron & Steel). Five different efficiency measures were identified and implemented in each of the factories, and the potential impact of applying the project’s methodology in different areas like recovery of waste heat, integration of renewable resources or production optimization, was explored.

IES' Role

IES was heavily involved in creating the simulation tool for the REEMAIN project.

Test Sites