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Smart Control and Analysis

Project Summary

The SCAN project aimed to develop a cloud-based platform that improves operational building performance by integrating BMS, AMR and other building data into performance models to optimise building operation, diagnose problems, virtually assess improvement options and ‘calibrate’ models of retrofit design.

iSCAN is a customisable web based portal and integrated data environment for Energy and Facility Managers. It provides an integrated environment for predictive  and descriptive modeling of buildings and  portfolios through an operational data analysis platform complete with capability for energy forecasting, simulation and optimisation via virtual experimental design.

The iSCAN web portal provides a link between AMR and BMS technology and IES’s market leading Virtual Environment  (VE) desktop software. With its advanced data analysis and energy simulation tools iSCAN and the VE desktop software  combine, now together with IES's other ICL tools, to provide a unique set of capabilities for monitoring, managing, and comparing building energy use over time.

From dynamic visualisation of AMR and BMS data to predictive simulation, digital commissioning and measurement &  verification, iSCAN provides a range of techniques and processes for the collection, organisation, analysis and interpretation of data. It reveals patterns, problems, key variables and relationships, leading ultimately to fresh insights and better strategic FM decision making.


Project Status


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