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intelligent Building Energy Assets Control for Comfort, Energy and Flexibility Optimisation

Project Summary

iBECOME anticipates and augments the digitalization, decarbonization and decentralization of the energy system. By utilizing engineering fundamentals tools and sophisticated data analytics techniques it processes and transforms building and operational data into commodities that can be monetized through the offering of energy services in the framework of innovative business models. iBECOME will demonstrate the functionality and viability (technical and economical) of a virtual BMS (vBMS) platform, deployed as a SaaS solution, that can optimise the energy performance, comfort conditions and flexibility potential of buildings and facilities, while allowing 3rd parties to interconnect for providing other energy or non-energy related services. The vBMS will use a calibrated physics-based simulation model to allow accurate predictive control for energy and comfort optimisation, flexibility maximisation and precise Monitoring & Verification (M&V) for both implemented Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) and Demand Response (DR).

IES' Role

IES will create the vBMS and SaaS solution. Three streams of real time data (facility, energy markets and weather) will provide a first level of the iBECOME solution, which will include visualisation of performance metrics, display of insights and suggestions for manual operational interventions of building energy systems by facilities managers. These will be displayed in the iBECOME dashboard.

A second level of functionality will use data streams from the facility and  the  weather to calibrate the building simulation model. The process will be fully automated, requiring on-site data from at least a smart meter and a smart thermostat. The  calibrated  physics-based  building  simulation  model  will  generate  output  to  train  Machine Learning (ML) techniques to develop data-based models that will be used to calculate comfort and flexibility. The physics-based and data-based models will be used interchangeably (according to which is the best fit for the particular application) for  the determination  and deployment  of  control  routines  that  will  enable iBECOME  energy services. The  control  routines  will  be  called  from  the  vBMS  and  fed  into  the  on-site  BMS  or  other controlling ICT equipment.

The final  level  of  functionality  refers  to  the  capability  of  the  iBECOME  platform  to  interconnect  with 3rd party platforms for the collaborative provision of other energy or non-energy services. 3rd party service providers can either use data from the iBECOME platform or use the iBECOME vBMS to send signals to on-site equipment and end-users, or do both.

Test Sites

  • Helix Building (IES Headquarters), West of Scotland Science Park, Glasgow, Scotland
  • A.S.P. Della Carnia ‘San Luigi Scrosoppi’, Udine
  • WORLD TRADE CENTER, 5-7 Place Robert Schuman, 38000 Grenoble
  • Country Crest Manufacturing Site, Rathmooney, Lusk, Co Dublin

Project Status


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