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Community Energy Dynamic Solution

Project Summary

The CEDISON project developed an iVN (Intelligent Virtual Network) mapping and analysis tool, incorporating Blockchain as an energy trading platform. It focuses on local balancing, demand side response, energy trading, and aims to resolve any other issues outlined by the local community.

CEDISON can identify trading opportunities between buildings or communities to reduce energy bills and improve the welfare of a community. It results in benefits to both customers, in terms of energy and cost savings, and the grid, in terms of demand load balancing, increased operational efficiency and reduced infrastructural costs.

IES' Role

IES coordinated the CEDISON project and developed an Intelligent Virtual Network (iVN) mapping and analysis tool capable of modelling electrical distribution networks of a community, with the inclusion of all energy consumers and producers on that network. The iVN can create a model of a community in its existing state, and analyse the impact that various scenarios (addition of EV’s, PV, wind, etc.) would have on the overall community in terms of impact to the grid, as well as the welfare of the individual members within the community. This enables the iVN to be used as a decision making tool, helping to determine optimum scenarios at both building level and community level. The iVN can also be used to forecast both demand and generation, enabling the prosumer or community to engage in energy trading

Test Sites

  • Orkney, Scotland
  • Glasgow, Scotland

Project Status


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