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Detailed design of smart local energy systems

Project Summary

REWIRE-NW is a community focussed and local benefit mission-oriented project, designed to deliver a Smart Local Energy System (SLES) targeting whole system cost and carbon reduction, enhanced by local social impact and co-benefits. The locality of investigation will be the borough of Warrington.

REWIRE's innovations include:

  • Innovative framework approach to SLES comprising
  • A data-centric community mapping, optimisation and Distributed Energy Resource (DER) and Energy Efficiency Measure (EEM) asset integration Intelligent Local Energy Architect tool (ILEA)
  • Application Programme Interface (API)/Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) enabled Mission-Oriented Energy Market (MOEM) with inbuilt policy incentives, mechanisms and smart contracts and integrating nodal energy management and balancing
  • Locality specific/community owned 5G communications enabled Narrow Band Internet-of-things (5GNBIoT) for energy and non-energy locality benefits
  • A Smart Local Energy Company (SLEC)

As well as innovating technologically in terms of new market functioning and data driven approach to energy asset selection and installation, REWIRE-NW will seek to innovate in areas of regulation and market arrangement to identify code, licencing conditions and potential energy policy changes.

Consumer engagement and insight will be carried out in order to support the design of Consumer Value Propositions. This will include a consumer engagement piece through existing and newly established groups and networks, feeding into consumer segmentation and analysis.

CVPs will be delivered through new business models that will also consider innovative approaches to asset ownership, governance and financing.

A final key innovation will be the investigation of 5G communications and Internet of Things use cases and benefits in energy and non-energy use cases, particularly in relation to how this can support the functioning of the SLES.

IES Role

IES will use develop a model of the Warrington Borough and associated buildings, demand profiles, assets and networks, e.g. electricity and heat networks using their ICL technology. New tools for renovation analysis at city scale, to enable individual building owners identify solutions for renovation will be added to the ICL technology. In addition, IES will develop an Innovation Marketplace where building owners can find the service and technology providers to deliver these solutions for them.

Test Sites

  • Warrington Borough

Project Status