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Energy System Transition Through Stakeholder Activation, Education and Skills

Project Summary

The key objective of ENTRUST was to map Europe’s energy system (including key actors and their intersections, technologies, markets, policies and innovations) and deliver an in-depth understanding of how human behaviour around energy is shaped by both technological systems and socio-demographic factors.

A key concept informing the research was that of energy citizenship. ENTRUST aimed to enable individuals to overcome barriers of gender, age and socio-economic status to become active participants in their own energy transitions. Deliverables included a policy tool-kit incorporating contemporary best practice in promoting energy transitions at a Europe-wide level; and a suite of innovative tools designed to stimulate dialogue, break down barriers to behaviour change and drive the adoption of new technologies at a community level.

The knowledge generated from this project will ultimately contribute to improving stakeholder engagement across Europe, which is increasingly seen as essential if the EU is to implement the structural changes needed to move towards a less carbon-intensive energy system.

IES' Role

IES took the lead in developing the project’s knowledge and communication platform, along with fellow project partner STAM.