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Post Occupancy Evaluation

Many buildings do not perform as planned. In many cases this can impact on running costs, staff and client satisfaction, productivity, health, safety and comfort. The advanced data visualisation, modelling and analysis capabilities of our digital twin technology can be used right from the earliest stages of a building’s life to fine tune and bring it up to operating at its efficient best.

Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) refers to the process of evaluating buildings in a systematic and rigorous manner after they have been occupied for some time. Soft Landings is the BSRIA-led process designed to help to solve the performance gap between design intentions and operational outcomes.

Our POE and Soft Landings service combines occupant feedback with operational data collected from BMS and utility metering infrastructure to deliver a comprehensive service that maps back to original design intentions, even using key digital assists created at the design stage, such as the EPC compliance model. It ensures that optimal operation is achieved; learning from and correcting past mistakes in design and commissioning to save you money and greatly improve workplace productivity.

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