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Green Star

Utilising state-of-the-art sustainability modelling and project management technology our approach is refreshingly integrated. We work closely with the whole team to integrate Green Star and sustainable design strategies into the process beginning in conceptual design through operations and maintenance.

Green Star is a holistic environmental system for buildings; it recognises and rewards environmental leadership in the building industry and assists its transition to sustainable design.

We are able to provide sustainable design guidance integrated with Green Star assessment to substantially optimize energy and environmental performance.

Our full package of Green Star services include:

  • Feasibility Assessments
  • Faciliation
  • Technical Reviews
  • Project Management
  • Credit Documentation
  • Sustainability Research

We also offer a full range of supplementary modelling services such as energy/carbon analysis, renewable energy studies, natural ventilation, daylighting, solar and CFD, and we have the ability to assess the following Energy Improvement (ENE) and Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) categories:

  • ENE-1: Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • IEQ-1: Ventilation
  • IEQ-2: Air Change Effectiveness
  • IEQ-4: Daylighting
  • IEQ-5: Daylight Glare Control
  • IEQ-7: Electric Lighting Levels
  • IEQ-9: Thermal Comfort
  • IEQ-15: Mould Prevention

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