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Mesh Energy traditionally carried out heat loss and heat load calculations around a static spreadsheet. They analysed thermal energy results by inputting the parameters manually, which was a laborious process. IES Consulting’s Python Scripting Service has reduced modelling time by avoiding repetitive, manual tasks, so results can now be extracted quickly and easily.

Key Facts

  • IES Consulting’s Python Scripting Service improves productivity and saves time.
  • Python Scripting expands Mesh Energy’s capability to analyse and present accurate VE data.
  • Advanced calculations are performed on thermal analysis data for accuracy and consistency.

Mesh Energy are independent energy consultants who help building owners understand energy usage, reduce energy costs and seamlessly integrate sustainable energy solutions.

In 2020, Mesh Energy decided to move to IESVE modelling as standard rather than using static calculations. The IES team created a Python Scripting report that would enable Mesh Energy to input a single page into their spreadsheet, which quickly and automatically extracts and presents simulation results. 

“We’ve expanded from a team of seven last year to a team of 11 people now who are all successfully using the IES Python Scripting model. The Python Scripts use repeatable steps to produce results, which also make it easier to compare the different simulation scenario results, for the same or different projects.”
Jen Wallace, Renewable Energy Consultant, Mesh Energy

The deployment was completed by January 2021 and Mesh Energy can now carry out more projects due to the enhanced efficiency of the Python Scripting process. With four or five people working on a project, who no longer have to collate data manually, it's saving at least an hour per project. Less time spent on modelling and reporting tasks means accumulated savings over weeks and months leading to significant cost reduction. Script outputs can be immediately provided to clients, enhancing communication with clear, concise and impressive reporting content.

“The IES team definitely met our expectations, delivering results when they promised. We had a brief period using the 2019 version because of some teething problems with the 2021 version, so IES provided both script versions, which helped a lot. The Python Scripting saves so much time and the model quality reduces chances of error or revisions. Less time expended on results extraction means more time for checks on model set-up and results interrogation, leading to improved output.

We have a few other projects in the pipeline, and we will definitely be coming back to IES Consulting to write the scripting programmes. It’s reassuring to know that we can rely on a team of trusted experts who can deliver what we need when it comes to VE simulations.”
Jen Wallace, Renewable Energy Consultant, Mesh Energy

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