Dallas Convention Center Hotel - LEED Facilitation & Commissioning


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IES Atlanta served as the LEED Facilitator and Commissioning Authority for this project.

Key Facts

  • Gold LEED certification
  • 23 stories high
  • 252,221 sq ft project site
  • 141,407 sq ft building footprint

A LEED Gold New Construction project, it sits on a project site area of 252,221 square feet, is housed in a building comprised of 23 stories totalling approximately 929,620 gross square feet, and occupies a building footprint of approximately 141,407 square feet.

IES’s Atlanta office was responsible for the composition and compilation of documentation for LEED certification as well as the entire commissioning and enhanced commissioning process.  This included verification of acceptance phase functional performance testing for energy-consuming systems included in the commissioning scope. We commissioned all the buildings systems including the HVAC Systems and the Sensors, Valves and Local Control Devices, associated with the Building Automation Control System.

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