One Molesworth Street - LEED Energy Modelling


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IES Consulting carried out LEED energy modelling for this LEED Gold Core and Shell (CS) modern office building.

Key Facts

  • Newly Built Healthcare Facilities falling short of design predictions
  • Improved data required for energy & thermal comfort modelling at all stages of building development
  • Proven methods to more accurately predict issues early on
  • New approach proposed to future NHS developments

Located in the south side of Dublin, on the corner of Molesworth street and Dawson Street, the building is a class A, highly glazed, rectangular shaped office building with a window to wall glass ratio of 70%.

It was designed with high efficiency fan coils, dedicated outside air with energy recovery, condensing boilers, high efficiency air cooled chillers, and LED lighting. It also had Photovoltaics (PV) which IES Consulting modelled to analyse how much was needed, in terms of renewable energy, to achieve the required LEED credits. The consultants also modelled a Micro CHP system and the loading required to size that correctly.

The consultants also helped the client with the glazing selections. Due to the building being so highly glazed, it was particularly important to get the glazing selection right to reduce solar gains and keep the cooling load to a minimum during the summer months. They also modelled a number of different fan coil units to advise the client on the best one in terms of energy and cost savings.

The IES energy model was over 25% more energy efficient than the ASHRAE baseline model, resulting in a good LEED score of eight points under the LEED CS rating system, contributing significantly to the LEED Gold rating.

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