IES Consulting Services

IES Consulting offer a range of short to long term services to help meet your objectives at any stage of the building lifecycle. Our capabilities and processes have been developed over 25+ years and proven on a wide range of innovative, high-profile projects worldwide. 

The robustness of our analysis engine and the breadth and depth of environmental performance metrics used place us in a unique position to help develop the sustainability of single buildings to entire portfolios, communities and cities.

Design Analysis

Providing consultancy to the design team as your building performance modeller. 

Compliance and Rating Systems

Helping achieve your desired green rating accreditation and meet regulatory compliance.


Experienced provider of sustainability and LEED implementation services.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Detailed airflow analyses to optimise performance of your building or site.

Building Operation

Expertise to support intelligent operational optimisation and retrofit of individual buildings or entire portfolios. 

Decarbonisation Strategies

Delivering cost effective decarbonisation for your your building, community, portfolio or city.

Our Projects

Our experts have delivered countless projects in every continent, helping to deliver some of the best performing built environments in the world.

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Our Team

With over 300 years of combined experience, our global team has unmatched expertise in the area of virtual building analysis.

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