Awaken your Sleeping Digital Twin

Bring your existing energy model back to life as a Performance Digital Twin

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It’s time to wake up to the power of Performance Digital Twins.

Do you have access to an existing 3D design, compliance or BIM model for your building? Then you could have an incredibly valuable digital asset – or Sleeping Digital Twin – ready to be wakened up to its full potential.

IES can re-awaken your static model as an intelligent performance digital twin that is useable across your building’s entire lifecycle. Unleashing the potential to monitor and optimise the performance of your building in real time; simulate future ‘what-if’ scenarios and technologies to map your route to zero-carbon; and analyse a range of performance metrics encompassing energy, costs, comfort, health & wellbeing and more. Giving you the insights to make better decisions for your building at every step.

The Steps to Awakening your Sleeping Digital Twin

Step 1: Awaken your Model

We examine the current model and what is required to awaken it. Upgrades are made to the existing model where required.

Step 2: Energy Audit

An energy audit is conducted of your building(s) so that any unregulated loads or information about the building in operation can be incorporated.

Step 3: Data Gathering

Data (including historical data) will be gathered from the building including energy use or sensors data from BMS, IoT devices, energy bills, etc.

Step 4: Model Calibration

The model is calibrated with the unregulated loads, operational and historical data to transform it into a highly accurate digital twin that closely replicates the actual building.

Step 5: Live Connection

A live connection is established between the digital twin and the BMS and/or IoT sensors within your building(s).

Step 6: Digital Twin Awakened

Your model is fully awake! You now have a highly intelligent Performance Digital Twin at your fingertips, tracking and optimising the operational performance of your building(s) in real time and using physics simulations to provide actionable intelligence to continuously maintain and improve your building(s) over their lifetime

Make Better Decisions with your Performance Digital Twin

Once awoken, your performance digital twin opens up a world of opportunity to maximise the performance of your buildings over their entire lifecycle and de risk decision making.

  • Improve building energy efficiency and reduce energy costs
  • Balance the comfort, health and wellbeing of building occupants 
  • Test retrofit scenarios & prioritise net-zero investments 
  • Undertake Measurement and Verification of building upgrades
  • Perform in-use evaluation studies to close the performance gap
  • Explore potential for renewables and community energy

Free Whitepaper: Sleeping Digital Twins

Exploring the appetite, benefits, and challenges of whole-life building performance modelling. Contains insights from leading industry experts to foster improved collaboration and bridge the performance gap.

Free Guide: The Practicalities of Creating Performance Digital Twins

Addressing model access barriers to realise the Sleeping Digital Twins vision, discover how to create performance digital twins when there is no access to pre-existing design models.

Performance Digital Twin Products 

Discover the tools used by IES and AEC consultants worldwide to awaken and create performance digital twins.

VE: New Design & Retrofit

Used by sustainable design experts around the globe, the Virtual Environment (VE) is an in-depth suite of integrated analysis tools for the design and retrofit of buildings. The platform leverages a worldleading simulation engine to embed energy and performance analysis into the heart of the design process, and across the entire building lifecycle.

iSCAN: Optimal Building Operation

A data management and analytics platform for operational building information. It enables the consolidation, interrogation and visualisation of any time-series data from different building and energy management systems, utility portals, IoT sensors and historic files. iSCAN also facilitates the creation of calibrated energy models by deriving real building energy profiles that can be used in VE simulations.

IES Live: Building Energy & Carbon Management

Powered by the IES Digital Twin, IES Live connects your building to its very own performance digital twin counterpart in the cloud. This rich data model is calibrated and continuously updated with real data from your building, leveraging dynamic simulation to provide an accurate baseline of how your building should be operating at all times. 


Pathways to Net-Zero using Sleeping Digital Twins

See how our Sleeping Digital Twin process is being used to extract value from existing compliance models.

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