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IES's strategy is to integrate analysis within the BIM process, enabling IESVE users to take advantage of valuable information during design, commissioning and operation. This is supported by our unrivalled interoperability with BIM platforms, enabling two-way information exchange to speed up the design process and facilitate digital design. Our aim is to encourage the use of BIM a to deliver Value, Cost and Carbon Improvement on all projects.

Benefits of BIM Integration

The IESVE software provides a single platform that integrates with the BIM workflow to create and capture performance information during design, commissioning and operation of a building.

Inform the Design

Integration with BIM workflows - extract information out, run analysis & inform the design.

Import any Model

Import any Revit / gbXML / IFC / SketchUp model into the IESVE for analysis.

Use one VE Model

Use one VE model throughout the entire building lifecycle to inform decisions.

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs associated with maintaining multiple software applications.

Quantify, Optimise & Verify

Verify building performance including energy, cost, carbon, LCA, LCC, BREEAM/LEED, Building Regulations compliance.

Increase Efficiency

Increase workflow efficiency.


Integrating Performance Analysis into the heart of the design process, IES offers an unrivalled interoperability with other BIM packages such as Revit, CAD software and analysis software with a variety of exchange formats.

New Pollination Plug-in

IESVE users can now use the Pollination Rhino plugin as the user interface for creating VE models and use the .GEM file format to import them into IESVE quickly. You can also export models from Revit to IESVE directly using the same workflow.

BIM Navigator

The IES BIM Navigator brings all import settings into one step-by-step workflow, facilitating import from a variety of modelling tools.

Free to existing customers, the navigator allows geometry and data to be imported into the IESVE software via a quarantine zone for checking, healing and selection.

Once the import and simulations have been completed, design updates and/or changes to data can be merged into existing models without overwriting any pre-existing setup that has to be retained.

BIM Import on the VE Start page

Quickly and easily import BIM files using the Create From BIM File option in the VE Start Page. Watch the video to find out more.

SketchUp Plug-in

The IESVE SketchUp Plug-in is included as standard in all software downloads. If you already have SketchUp installed on your machine the Toolbar will automatically appear when you next open SketchUp.

  • Compatible with both SketchUp Free and Pro 
  • Quickly model complex geometry, solar shading and Brise soleil 
  • Enables direct translation of models for performance analysis within IESVE
  • Quickly assign important required data such as location, building, room, construction and HVAC type
  • Use IESVE to edit model properties in detail and undertake more advance analyses
  • Combine models from SketchUp and IESVE together

IESVE and BIM Success Stories

What Our Customers Say



Overall the integration between Revit and IESVE made modelling run a lot quicker and smoother. It really helped us to work together better, sharing our knowledge on both platforms.

Ross Thompson

CBG Consultants

Using the IESVE IFC export function HLM were able to export their design model seamlessly from Graphisoft Archicad into the IESVE to perform the required calculations.

Rafael De Angelis

HLM Architects

The ability to interoperate seamlessly between both Revit and the IESVE allows you to leverage the best of both applications in a shared BIM environment.

Jean Carriere


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