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IES for BREEAM Compliance

BREEAM is a world leading sustainability method for buildings that addresses a number of lifecycle stages including New Construction, Refurbishment and In-Use. Globally there are more than 552,200 BREEAM certified developments, and almost 2,253,700 buildings registered for assessment since it was first launched in 1990.

The IESVE software provides a wide range of analysis capability that is perfectly suited for attaining BREEAM compliance, helping you broaden your firms BREEAM assessment capability. If you are undertaking BREEAM analysis you cannot afford to overlook the technical, commercial and productivity benefits of the IESVE.

BREEAM Credit Analysis / One Click LCA

BREEAM 'Excellent' projects require a credit score of 70% or above, and 'Outstanding' projects require a credit score of 85% or above. Achieving a high number of credits can be difficult, and the cost of additional credits to achieve your target BREEAM rating can quickly become prohibitive. With the IES software you can achieve credits across each BREEAM Scheme.

In addition to IESVE, our partnership with One Click LCA offers a solution to attain even more BREEAM credits. See the credits attainable for each of the assessments in the table below:

*Our solution covers all BREEAM Schemes and other Voluntary Environmental Rating Systems. Contact us to discuss compliance with the relevant BREEAM Scheme.


Success stories

What our Customers Say


The integration of IMPACT with the VE made the process so much easier than previous tools and enabled us to gain the required credits to obtain the BREEAM Outstanding rating.

Jiazhen Xu

SRIBS,The Living Lattice Building

The IESVE software provides us with detailed accurate metrics, enabling us to find the best solutions to optimise the performance and energy efficiency of a building. I would absolutely recommend IESVE to other consultants. I do not know of any other products that can provide the same level of detailed analytics that the IESVE can.

Inga Valuntiene

Chief Operating Officer, Place Eleven

IES TaP is invaluable to our business. The system has allowed us to take on more work without increasing staffing levels or compromising on the quality of our assessments.

Glenn Miles

Director, Encon Associates Ltd

Online BREEAM Project Management

IES TaP is a secure, cost effective and easy to use online project management system to streamline, manage and automate the BREEAM certification process. Using IES TaP in conjunction with IESVE for BREEAM credit analysis allows you to make the process even more efficient.

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