Building Energy Modeling with IESVE

IES Energy Modeling Software

Advanced Dynamic Thermal Simulation with IESVE 

Building energy modeling predicts building energy consumption, CO2 emissions, peak demands, energy cost and renewable energy production.

Whole building energy simulation analysis capabilities of the IESVE software tools covers a wide range of assessment types from energy efficiency, comfort, ventilation, HVAC performance and optimization. Design for the future with low impact energy systems and strategies.

What IESVE offers

Capture the dynamics of your building from the simplest model to the most complex, detailed design.

Share results and input data across our applications to refine and inform simulations.

Reiterate and refine the model using generic or highly specific input data.

Ensure compliance and measure against global regulations and rating systems.

Gain insight and consistent feedback on this iterative and integrated analysis process.

Interrogate every aspect of thermal performance from individual surface temperatures to annual energy performance.

IESVE ApacheSim Application

Assess every aspect of thermal performance as well as share results and input across a wide variety of other IESVE applications.

  • Advanced dynamic thermal simulation at sub-hourly timesteps for better computation of building components
  • Assess solar gain on surfaces, surface temperatures and radiant exchanges
  • Extensive range of results variables for buildings and systems
  • Building & room-level annual, monthly, hourly, and sub-hourly analysis
  • Assess passive performance, thermal mass, and temperature distribution
  • Link results from ApacheHVAC, MacroFlo, SunCast & RadianceIES and use as integral thermal simulation inputs
  • Ability to run multiple simulations in parallel using the Parallel Simulation Manager
  • Export results to MicroFlo as boundary conditions for detailed CFD analysis

Multi-Core Simulation Speed Enhancements: ApacheSim

Increase hourly annual simulation speed, by using IES’s ApacheSim simulation engine and the Parallel Simulation Manager feature by using more of the available cores on your computer.

What our Customers Say

IESVE is one of the only tools that can provide integrated daylight, thermal and mixed-mode ventilation analysis in great detail, which allowed us to test the integration of all components across the year.

Linda Morrison
Building Performance Team Leader, Ambient Energy

To achieve a passive building requires a combination of smart strategies integrated from the early stages of the project. IESVE proved to be a very effective tool in this analysis, particularly when compared to other software programs. It can test various bioclimatic strategies incorporating the building form and orientation, solar shading, natural and cross ventilation, thermal mass, lighting and materials.

Xavier Valladares
Director, ECOstudioXV

Weather Files

Climate will clearly play a key role in the performance of any building so it is important to use the appropriate location settings for any analysis. For Apache dynamic simulations in IESVE a simulation weather file is required. 

Explore our database of global weather applicable to a range of building types. Design for the future with any building in any location. 

AIA 2030 Commitment

IESVE Software now directly uploads energy model results to the AIA 2030 Commitment website via new functionality within the IESVE Navigators framework. The upload process is launched with one easy click. 

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