Notes on the Student Licence Offer

  • All licenses are annual and for academic or research use only. No commercial use allowed.
  • IES System Requirements.
  • All manuals and tutorials are available within the software.
  • Unfortunately, technical support is not provided to students directly. Your University Department or Course Tutor should be able to help with face-to-face support. Alternatively, we do provide the following routes for additional information: Knowledge BaseIES Forum and YouTube Videos.
  • IES must verify users are students before licence keys can be granted. To aid us in this process, we ask that you provide the name of your academic institution, student email address, student number and the details of your lecturer. Failure to provide all requested details on the application may cause delays in the verification process and therefore will delay us in issuing licence keys.
  • It may take up to four days for you to receive your student license, although our team will try to have it with you within two. The licensing support team office hours are 9am to 5pm (GMT), Monday to Friday.