Calling Future Architects and Engineers

IESVE for Education

Future designers and engineers will play a big part in reducing carbon with clean technology and sustainable design. Learning how to use building performance analytics software and leaving education equipped with these skills will become essential.

Giving the future of the industry the opportunity to employ real-world analysis skills and techniques in the classroom is incredibly important. That’s why we are offering heavily discounted software and training packages using the IESVE software which gives architects and engineers the skills they need before they enter the workforce. Many companies now request experience in our software as a key employment skill.

For Educators

Over 100 academic institutions across the globe teach IESVE. We work with educators and students at leading Universities including Tiajin University, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology and Shenyang Jianzhu University - you can be one of them!



Academic Institutes Software Discount

We offer academic institutions discounted rates on our commercial price list for teaching purposes. Contact our team for a tailored quotation and to find out more about how you can incorporate the IESVE as part of your teaching programme. 



Training Special Offers

We offer academic institutions discounted on-site training and on-demand learning packages, allowing lecturers and students to quickly and easily get to grips with the main features and functionalities of the latest version of the IESVE. Click the link below to find out more and request a quote.     



Use the Leading Sofware Tool on the Worldwide Market

IBPSA Building Simulation Paper (2017) found that global lecturers in Building Performance Simulation choose to teach IESVE over other software tools. Click the link below to read the full paper. 

Educators Testimonials

Among the number of simulation tools that are out on the market, we chose to use IESVE because it strikes a nice balance between the flexibility, ease of use and modelling capabilities we require in the classroom. Learning how to work with IESVE not only helps students to better understand the basic concepts in building physics, but also equips them with a skill that they can usefully employ in their role as engineers who will create the sustainable built environment of the future.

Roel Loonen
Eindhoven University of Technology

We have taught IESVE on our BEng (Hons) and MSc programmes for the last 10 years. We chose IESVE as it is has become the industry standard in terms of building energy performance, natural ventilation and HVAC system analysis. The modular structure together with the user interface of IESVE allows our students to create building models and apply thermal parameters quickly. Our Sustainable Energy Engineering students and Architectural and BIM technology students use the software to optimise and investigate building designs. Overall, the use of IESVE has enhanced their understanding of building physics providing a proficiency in a software tool.

Mervin Doyle
Waterford Institute of Technology

IESVE for Students

Students can purchase an annual licence for selected IESVE applications at a heavily discounted rate. Just complete the application form and we'll process your application and come back to you once our student verification process is complete. Please also refer to the Notes on the Student Licence Offer below. 

Notes on the Student Licence Offer

  • All licenses are annual and for academic or research use only. No commercial use allowed.
  • IES System Requirements.
  • All manuals and tutorials are available within the software.
  • Unfortunately, technical support is not provided to students directly. Your University Department or Course Tutor should be able to help with face-to-face support. Alternatively, we do provide the following routes for additional information: Knowledge BaseIES Forum and YouTube Videos.
  • IES must verify users are students before licence keys can be granted. To aid us in this process, we ask that you provide the name of your academic institution, student email address, student number and the details of your lecturer. Failure to provide all requested details on the application may cause delays in the verification process and therefore will delay us in issuing licence keys.
  • It may take up to four days for you to receive your student license, although our team will try to have it with you within two. The licensing support team office hours are 9am to 5pm (GMT), Monday to Friday.

Student Testimonials

Our team actually used multiple energy modelling software to validate the numbers we used. While each platform had its own unique advantages, it was IESVE that we determined most accurately reflected our design choices and presented the output data in the most visually appealing way.”

Mathew Coalson
University of Central Florida Graduate

The IESVE package is versatile, highly accurate and very user friendly. I would strongly recommend IESVE, particularly for indoor studies such as this, as the program offers far greater precision than other software tools.

Samia Mhenni
British University in Dubai

I worked mostly on the energy calculations in ApacheHVAC and I really enjoyed the experience. IESVE has a great interface, it’s easy to use and I particularly liked the visualisation capabilities and reporting functions. I’d advise future students using the VE to check out the IES videos and on demand learning, as these really helped my understanding of the tools.

Samad Syed
University of Central Florida Graduate

The Martin Gough Student Award

The Martin Gough Student Award was launched by IES in 2018 in memory of our longstanding colleague and technical mastermind, Martin, who sadly passed away in 2017. The award is open to students worldwide and seeks excellence in research based on Apache and thermal simulation.

Got a Question? 

Contact our team to find out more about how you can incorporate the IESVE as part of your teaching programme.