Quickly and easily undertake operational modelling using real-building data

IES-ERGON makes enhanced operational modelling a reality 

Unlocking the value of operational data it allows you to easily upload, understand and prepare any real building data onto one cloud platform ready for simulation and comparison in IESVE. With significant enhancements now included, the 2018 version of IES-ERGON is at the cutting-edge of digital engineering solutions for Existing Buildings.


Taking the effort out of creating operational and calibrated energy models, IES-ERGON enables VE Engineers to quickly and easily upload data from building/energy management systems, meters and sensors, alongside real weather data. Users can then create year-specific operational profiles for use in the Virtual Environment and make direct comparisons of metered and simulated data, enabling model calibration. It can handle any time-series operational data down to 1 minute, and automatically irons out discrepancies in time steps, while helping fill missing data gaps.

why choose IES-ergon?


  • Model Existing Buildings for Retrofit

  • Improve Operational Building Performance

  • Verify Predicted Savings are Achieved

  • Enhanced Handovers & Soft Landings

  • LEED Monitoring Based Commissioning

  • Data-Driven Post Occupancy Evaluation

  • BREEAM Energy Prediction & Verification

  • Inform New Design Projects

  • Help Close the Performance Gap

  • Model Advanced HVAC Controls

what's new?

With significant enhancements, the 2018 version of IES-ERGON is at the cutting-edge of digital engineering solutions for Existing Buildings. Watch the video to discover more. 

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    From technical queries to training options, our FAQs will guide you through acquiring and using IES-ERGON.



    Included FREE with your purchase, these on-demand learning sessions cover practically how you can use IES-ERGON in a variety of situations, on its own or in conjunction with IESVE, to deliver additional services to your clients based on operational data.


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Offered as a low cost subscription add-on to your IESVE License, access to IES-ERGON can be purchased for 1 month or 12 months. This flexibility means you can pick up and use IES-ERGON for one project or across the year depending on your requirements. Each subscription enables one concurrent user to access IES-ERGON at any one time. Multiple access subscriptions are available on request.

Included FREE with your purchase is our on-demand learning session which will cover practically how you can use IES-ERGON in a variety of situations to deliver additional operational data based services to your clients. 

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