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Multi-Core Simulation Speed Enhancements: ApacheSim

Increase hourly annual simulation speed, by using IES’s ApacheSim simulation engine and the Parallel Simulation Manager feature by using more of the available cores on your computer.

In benchmarking tests on larger building models containing hundreds of zones, with mixed mode HVAC systems the speed ups can be as much as 85%, or your simulation will run in 15% of the time taken for a single core.

You can access this feature in the VE from the Tools menu. Select Preferences > Simulation Tab and ensure you turn off Legacy mode. 

One ApacheSim license covers 4 cores. By adding a second ApacheSim license 8 cores can be utilised simultaneously, a third ApacheSim license will enable 12 cores to be utilised. 


Reduce Simulation Time

Parallel processing can reduce simulation time by up to 85%.

Models Run Faster

ApacheSim (including compliance) models run faster than ever.

Faster Complex Models

Simulations on larger and more complex models will see great benefits from faster simulation times.

Take Control of your Hardware

Take control of your hardware and use its full potential - maximise the number of cores available.

Faster Feedback

Give faster feedback to the design team on the decisions that matter most. 

Optimise the Design

Use the additional time to fit in more design alternatives to optimise the design.

Parallel Simulations

  • A single home for managing dynamic simulations, compliance calculations, SunCast and Radiance simulations.
  • Neat management of parent and child simulation tasks (Part L and PRM simulations combined with SunCast).
  • Manage the priority of queued simulations. 
  • Manage the status of active simulations.
  • Licence access no longer restricted. Modellers can work in the VE while simulations progress in the background.

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