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Comply with the Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation

The IESVE Software is officially approved by the Florida Building Commission as a code compliance software tool. The IESVE Software utilizes the ASHRAE 90.1-2019 Appendix G Performance Rating Method compliance procedure as a method in the 2023 Florida Energy Code. Using the Navigator in IESVE, the IESVE user can step though the process of creating the proposed building model with numerous energy conservation measure options, auto-generate the baseline/budget building model, and auto-generate the required reports.

Florida Code Compliance FAQs

When was IESVE approved for Florida Code Compliance?

IESVE was approved on February 13th, 2024 by the Florida Building Commission.


What compliance path and version of the Florida was IESVE approved?

IESVE is approved for the 2023 8th Edition Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation for Commercial Buildings.

What Florida Energy Code (FEC) method does IESVE use for compliance of commercial buildings?

The ASHRAE 90.1-2019 Appendix G Performance Rating Method.

How long is the current Florida Energy Code (FEC) cycle valid with IESVE?

The 8th Edition Florida Building Code is valid until December 31, 2026. For more information, please see the Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation 8th Edition (2023).

Will IESVE be certified for the Florida Energy Code after December 31, 2026?

IESVE intends to update their tool for the next cycle. Existing users will automatically gain access to newer tools.

How much does IESVE software cost?

There are different cost options for the software package whether a user is seeking a single seat, LAN, or WAN (corporate) license. Please contact sales@iesve.com for more pricing information or to request a quote.

Do I need a particular IESVE Navigator?

The IESVE ASHRAE 90.1-2019 Navigator is required for the Florida Code Compliance with IESVE. This navigator is included with the whole IESVE software package.

What version of IESVE will generate the appropriate Florida Compliance Reports?

The current IESVE version (2023 and greater) will generate the Florida Compliance Report and the supporting reports.

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This FREE course provides guidance on the steps required in the IESVE software for North America, including IESVE Software for Florida Code Compliance.

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Not an IESVE User?

An IESVE licence is required to undertake Florida Code Compliance. If you are not a current IESVE user, please get in touch with us for a quotation. You can also take a 30 day free trial.

Latest News

IESVE Software is now officially approved by the Florida Building Commission as a code compliance software tool for the 2023 Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation, Commercial, 8th Edition.

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