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We’ve compiled a list of the questions we get asked the most often. If you can't find an answer to your enquiry or if you need any further information please contact our team.


What is IES TaP for BREEAM?

IES TaP for BREEAM is a BRE Global approved, secure online collaborative portal for managing the evidence gathering and credit tracking process for BREEAM assessments. It has been designed to manage the whole project team and keep all projects and evidence documents in one place, taking the hassle out of managing this process through email or fax and separate tracking spreadsheets.

Using IES TaP ultimately speeds up the evidence gathering process saving the Assessor time and money, and allowing the Assessor to realistically take on more projects over and above their current maximum.

Who uses IES TaP for BREEAM?

IES TaP for BREEAM is used by all members of the project team with different functionality based on their role on the project. Ultimately the Assessor is responsible for co-ordinating and approving documents that the project team have provided. All members of the project team will be given their own login to access their projects.

What BREEAM schemes do you support?

IES TaP supports the following BREEAM schemes:


  • BREEAM New Construction V6.1, including Simple Buildings
  • BREEAM New Construction V6, including Simple Buildings
  • BREEAM New Construction 2018, including Simple Buildings
  • BREEAM New Construction 2014, including Simple Buildings
  • BREEAM Non-domestic refurbishment and fit-out 2014
  • BREEAM Refurbishment Domestic Buildings 2012
  • BREEAM 2011, including Simple Buildings and Bespoke
  • BREEAM Data Centres 2010
  • BREEAM 2008, including Bespoke

BREEAM International/Europe

  • BREEAM International V6 New Construction
  • BREEAM International 2016 New Construction
  • BREEAM International 2013 and International Bespoke
  • BREEAM Europe 2009
  • BREEAM International Non–Domestic Refurbishment 2015


  • BREEAM-SE New Construction V6
  • BREEAM-SE New Construction 2017
  • BREEAM-SE New Construction & Refurbishment V2.0

We support New builds, extensions & major refurbishments, Building fit-out only, Shell & Core with half credits, and Part New Build, Part Refurbishment. Bespoke schemes can be created for scheme specific projects on request.

How does the BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment scheme get handled by the IES TaP system? Do I have the ability to set up a different address for each domestic unit? As BRE provides certification for each unit, how do I set up the apartments/blocks on IES TaP individually under one address?

The BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment tool for IES TaP does not allow the allocation of credits against dwelling type and should be used as an evidence gathering tool for all dwellings, however all other functionality works in the same way as other methods. The assessment of credits should be used on a worst case scenario per credit and dwelling similar to the way Code is set up on the IES TaP system.

Can I submit my BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment project directly to the BRE QA team through IES TaP in the same way as I can for the other BREEAM schemes?

Currently the IES TaP BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment product does not have a feature within it to allow direct upload of documentation to the BRE for QA purposes. We will be working with the BRE over the coming months to get the IES TaP for Domestic Refurbishment product streamlined with the BRE Online submission system, however for the interim you are unable to submit for Q and A via our system and the evidence should be allocated from IES TaP in to the relevant BRE tool area. The IES TaP BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment Product can still be used as an evidence gathering tool for all dwellings.

Does the IES TaP for BREEAM system support the BREEAM UK Non-domestic refurbishment scheme?

Yes, the IES TaP for BREEAM project management system supports the BREEAM UK Non-domestic refurbishment scheme with comprehensive integration with BREEAM Projects. It should be noted that for non-domestic refurbishment scheme projects added to the IES Tap system before the 13th of November 2023 there is a workaround in place in order to submit for QA and certification via BREEAM Projects.
If your project was added to the IES TaP system before the above date, then, when your project is ready for submission and BREEAM Projects has been updated with the relevant scores, download the Document Archive from IES TaP and upload to Man 01 in BREEAM Projects, with a comment explaining that the evidence file has been compiled in IES TaP and is therefore accessed via this issue.
The zip file contains all approved evidence documentation along with a master spreadsheet list all document references and pertinent information the BRE require for their QA review.

What is the BRE Global BREEAM Badge of Recognition?

The BREEAM Badge of Recognition (BBOR) is awarded by BRE Global to formally approve software which is compatible with the BRE QA systems.

What this means for the Assessor:

  • Full integration into the BRE QA process - Assessors can submit their projects for QA, receive QA feedback and download their certificate all from within TaP
  • No separate report required for QA
    • BREEAM 2008 final reports are generated & uploaded automatically in a format required by BRE
    • BREEAM Europe 2009 - final reports are generated & uploaded automatically in a format required by BRE
    • BREEAM 2011 - no report writing necessary, just evidence referencing
    • BREEAM International 2013 - no report writing necessary, just evidence referencing
    • BREEAM 2014 - no report writing necessary, just evidence referencing
    • BREEAM 2018 - no report writing necessary, just evidence referencing
  • No need to supply the evidence documents to the BRE via CD or uploading to the BRE - BRE QA can access all approved and referenced documents directly from a submitted report online
  • Dedicated area for storing calculator tools
How do I use IES TaP, what software do I need to install?

IES TaP is run entirely online so you do not need to install any software. This means all users can access their projects anytime, anywhere, from any computer or device with an Internet connection.

Is all my data secure?

Yes, we take security very seriously. All data transfer is 256bit SSL encrypted which means it cannot be read by anyone else. All data is backed up daily to prevent any data loss in accordance with industry best practice.

What type of documents can be uploaded and is there a size limit?

We support uploading all file types, be that PDF, AutoCAD drawings, emails, Word documents etc. We do not impose a size limit but operate a "fair usage policy". Completed projects will have their documents archived. This means you do not have to worry about going over your email size limit if using a manual email approach.

I have completed the design stage submission for a project and have received the certificate from the BRE without using the IES TaP for BREEAM system. I would like to use IES TaP for BREEAM system to help me gather the documentation and other supporting evidence to support Post Construction Review and submit this to the BRE for QA. Can the IES TaP system facilitate this?

The combined assessment option in the IES TaP for BREEAM system is for the gathering of both Design Stage and construction stage information. Assuming that the BREEAM assessor has provided detailed information at the design stage, the BREEAM assessor can manually set the Design Stage requirements to ‘provided’ on the IES TaP system. If only commitments have been provided at the Design Stage to meet credit requirements, the BREEAM assessor will have to be sure that he/she has the detailed information required to meet the design and post construction review stage requirements uploaded for the final review.

Contact our team

For further information, please contact the IES TaP team.