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Discover how IES TaP organises the evidence gathering and credit tracking process for Code for Sustainable Homes Assessments.

Access all your projects online in one place

IES TaP organises the evidence gathering and credit tracking process for BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes Assessments. The whole project team can access their projects from any computer with an Internet connection - there's no software to install, just your web browser.

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Pre-Assessment, Design Stage and Post Construction

During pre-assessment, the Assessor can select which credits are applicable to the project, which are being targeted and which evidence is required. This is then taken through to design and post construction.

IES TAP - design stage evidence requirements

Assign Team Member Responsibility for all Evidence

The Assessor can allocate responsibility right down to each individual piece of evidence required, ensuring each project member knows exactly what they have to provide.

IES TAP - responsibility overview

Upload Evidence, Securely Online

Documents are uploaded to the relevant credits for review by the Assessor, automatically notifying the Assessor that a document is awaiting approval.

Review Evidence and Award Credits

The Assessor can see which documents are awaiting approval and can review them online.

IES TAP - document details

Automatic Email Notifications Keep the Project Team Updated

IES TaP automatically sends email notifications and the Assessor can send project update notifications throughout the project showing the team members the current progress of evidence gathered, and reminding team members of their responsibilities.

IES TAP - document review

Track Project Progress of Evidence and Credits in Real Time

Project updates happen in real time and can be viewed at any stage during the project, so you can see exactly what evidence is outstanding instantly, and which credits have been awarded, at any point in time.

IES TAP - project details

Download the Project Documents and Referencing

The Assessor can download the approved documents in one Zip file, along with the document referencing to aid your final report.

IES TAP - download archive option

Report Centre

Access to an extensive list of reports with visual charts for displaying project progress as an overview or more detailed at credit level, deadlines, and the score card.

Performance by section graph