Streamline, manage and automate the certification process for EcoHomes. Get started with IES TaP today! When you subscribe, you will receive all maintenance updates and product upgrades free of charge and have access to our highly responsive technical support team. Need any help purchasing? Email us.  


Select the plan that works for you. Our pricing plans are flexible so if you'd prefer to pay by invoice just get in touch. 

Up to 10 Dwellings

$155 One off cost

11 to 50 Dwellings

$155 One off cost

51 or More Dwellings

$155 One off cost

Please note prices do not include VAT - this will be charged at the point of payment if applicable to you. 


What are my online payment options?

You can pay for our monthly subscription option online via WorldPay.  Payment methods accepted are MasterCard, Visa, Maestro and JCB.  We do not accept PayPal.   

Can I pay by invoice?

We do offer an annual invoicing option.  Contact us for details.

What's included in my purchase?
  • Licence set up
  • Documentation storage
  • Help & support
Where can I view the IES TaP Terms & Conditions?

View the IES TaP Terms & Conditions here.