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Take the Tour

Discover how you can use IES TaP for LEED to streamline, manage and inform those involved in the LEED Certification process.

Visual Dashboard of all your LEED Projects in one place

IES TaP organises the documentation gathering and credit tracking process for LEED Certification – giving the whole project team visual progress of all their LEED projects.

Seamless Integration with LEED Online

Complete the LEED Online Forms directly from within IES TaP, no need to log in separately to LEED Online to enter details or upload documentation.

From Charrette to Certification

Complete the Charrette to obtain the certification goal, then move forward gathering documentation ready to submit the project for certification.

Yes, No, Maybe?

Flexibility for indicating credits as Yes, Likely, Maybe, Not Likely and No – with the ability to see what affect this has on the score to achieve a certain rating.

Assign Responsibility for Documentation Requirements

Responsibility is assigned to each individual documentation requirement, not just responsibility for the credit, along with a date required, giving a greater level of management and tracking of the documentation gathering process.

Upload Submittal Documentation

Project members upload documentation to the relevant credits, automatically notifying the LEED Administrator. Once approved, the documentation is attached to the LEED Online Form directly from within IES TaP.

Review Documentation and Award Points

The LEED Administrator can approve submitted documentation and attach to the relevant LEED Online Form directly from within IES TaP, awarding the points if compliant.

Automatic Email Notifications Keep the Whole Project Team Updated

IES TaP automatically sends email notifications when documentation is uploaded, or is overdue, and project update notifications throughout the project keep the whole team up-to-date with the current progress of the project and their remaining responsibilities.

Project Progress is Tracked in Real Time

Project updates happen in real time and can be viewed at any stage during the project, so the whole team can see exactly what documentation is outstanding instantly, and which credits have been documented, at any point in time.

Report Center

Access to an extensive list of reports with visual charts for displaying project progress as an overview or more detailed at credit level, deadlines, and the score card.