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As LEED Automation Partners, IES has developed a range of LEED analysis software applications to significantly help streamline and assist the LEED certification process, including our online LEED project management software and advancements in our automated credit assessment and sophisticated LEED energy modelling tools. Our applications offer a fully comprehensive route to compliance.

Credit Analysis / One Click LCA

The IESVE software provides a wide range of analysis capability that is perfectly suited for attaining LEED credit compliance, helping you broaden your firms LEED assessment capability. With the IESVE you can achieve credits across Location & Transport, Sustainable Sites and Energy & Atmosphere.

In addition to IESVE, our partnership with One Click LCA offers a solution to attain credits for Life Cycle Assessment. See the credits attainable for each of the assessments in the table below:  

Please note: credits are subject to specific project constraints.

* Pilot Credits:
- Informing Design Using Triple Bottom Line Analysis
- Informing Design by Major Credit Category Using Triple Bottom Line Analysis

LEED Analysis Tools

Our unique navigator technology allows you to take a step by step approach, ensuring nothing gets missed, making the process much easier and faster.

VE-Navigator for LEED 2009

Automated LEED rating system credit assessments for LEED 2009 version.

VE-Navigator for LEED v4

Automated LEED rating system credit assessments for LEED v4 version.

VE-Navigator for ASHRAE 90.1 (LEED Energy)

Time-saving facilitation and tools for ASHRAE 90.1 Appendix G PRM (LEED Energy Modelling).

Case Studies

See how the IESVE software has been used across the globe to achieve LEED certification.

Online LEED Project Management

IES TaP for LEED is a secure online collaborative portal to enhance management of the LEED workflow. Use in conjunction with our unique VE-Navigator for LEED for streamlined upload and assessment of credit evidence documentation.

Discover IES TaP

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