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NECB 2020 Workflow Navigator

The Virtual Environment software is the only tool currently available to automatically generate the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings 2020 (NECB) Reference Building for the purposes of NECB compliance. The new NECB 2020 Workflow Navigator allows for the sizing, simulation, and reporting of a building design compared against the reference building while integrating the requirements of the NECB.

Free Web Demos & Q&A Sessions

Join our web demo to hear directly from one of our experts about the capabilities of the VE and how it can be used for NECB code compliance. 

2-Day Online Training Courses

These 2-day training courses will cover ASHRAE Loads Calculations for heating and cooling and Annual Energy Simulations for NECB 2020 Compliance. 

On-Demand Training

This FREE course provides guidance on the steps required in the IESVE software for North America, including NECB 2017 compliance.

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Download the latest version of the IESVE software. 

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