What is NECB?

NECB is the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings.

Which part of the NECB Standard is available in the Virtual Environment?

IES has included in its set of Navigators, a specific Navigator to demonstrate compliance with Part 8 “Building Energy Performance Compliance Path” of the NECB 2011 Standard.

How can I access the NECB Navigator?

You can download and install the software from our download section and request license keys for the NECB Navigator via the Help menu.

Does the Virtual Environment's NECB Navigator automatically generate the NECB reference building?

Yes it does. To help the user save time in the process of an NECB compliance analysis, the NECB Navigator will automatically generate the NECB reference building as determined by the methodologies rule set defined in the standard.

Will I need to check any aspect of the Reference Building

The user should always confirm that the automatically generated reference building is in full compliance with the NECB standard.

How are the Reference Building envelope performance values set?

As the user will have set the location of the project, the Navigator determines the number of Heating Degree Days for the site and selects the correct climate zone and hence exterior envelope performance values.

Are the NECB thermal templates for space-type and building-type provided as part of the NECB Navigator?

Yes. All space and building types, and their associated input data such as internal gains, schedules of operation and occupant densities are included as part of the libraries of data that come with the NECB Navigator.

Do I need to create the reference building HVAC systems?

No. The reference building NECB systems are available for selection form the HVAC library of systems and are fully autosizable.

Any further questions?

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