VE Python Scripting

Unique VE Customisation to Maximise Productivity

The VE Python API allows you to import and export data from VE models and export data from results files using the Python programming language. You can use this to create your own customised scripts to automate reports, data input, parametric simulations and many other tasks. Reduce the time spent on tasks and define workflows & Navigators that are bespoke to your needs.

In addition to this, the new IES Content Store allows you to download and share python scripts created by IES and other IES users around the world. The IES Content Store contains other resources to maximise IESVE productivity including, scripted profiles, formulae profiles, templates, HVAC prototypes and weather data.


Customise Scripts

Create your own customised scripts to extract data from results files into preformatted reports.

Automate Data Import

Automate the import/export of model data to/from VE models.

Define Workflows 

Define workflows and navigators that are bespoke to your needs.

Easily Share 

Easily share across your company through your own navigator.

Improve QA

Improve quality assurance and consistency through customised workflows.

Create Content

Create and share user content driven reportage, visualisation and analysis.

Convey Outputs

Convey the outputs of various studies in an easy to read visual format.

Link to Libraries

Links to 3rd party Python libraries to enable automatic production of charts and graphs.

Key Features

The Python Scripting tool has two main features: the Python Console or Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and the Python Navigator.

The Console IDE allows users to create their own scripts and promote them to their own Navigator, while the Python Navigator allows access to the resultant ‘program’. Scripts can be distributed for use in Navigator or IDE and can be pin protected or encrypted if desired.

Watch our video to discover the full power of VE Python Scripting. 


IES Content Store

The IES Content Store provides a valuable selection of custom generated resources that allow IESVE users to get ahead with the software and maximise their productivity. Ready to automate many energy modelling tasks? Browse the store today.

Browse the IES Content Store

Bespoke Scripting Service

IES Consulting can design scripts for your specific workflow needs that guarantee a boost to your productivity when working with the VE. We also offer mentoring to develop your scripting skills. Contact our team to find out how we can help.

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The aim of this session is to give users an understanding of how the Python Programming Language can be used to improve workflows and efficiency, for many different modelling tasks.

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