IES Virtual Environment

Improve the performance of any building

Leading integrated suite for accurate whole building performance simulation

Used by sustainable design experts around the globe IESVE is a fast, accurate, sub-hourly, thermal simulation suite that can model new and existing buildings of any size and complexity. For architects, engineers and contractors, the platform allows cross-team collaboration from concept design to operation. Its power embeds energy and performance assessment across the entire building lifecycle. Integrate Performance Analysis into the heart of the design process.

Energy Modelling & Compliance

Integrated suite of applications for accurate, sub hourly, thermal simulation for buildings of any size and complexity.

Building & HVAC Systems Design

Quick and easy loads calculations and equipment sizing from the earliest stages of design.

Integrated Software

Interoperability with BIM platforms enabling two-way information exchange to speed up the design process and facilitate digital design.


Integrating Performance Analysis into the heart of the design process, IES offers an unrivalled interoperability with other CAD design and analysis tools. The smooth and robust two-way information exchange between IESVE and BIM platforms speeds up the design process and facilitates digital design. 

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What Our Customers Say

We use the IESVE software almost exclusively for energy modelling projects because of the ease of use in creating multi-zone models with complicated geometry and HVAC systems. We have modelled over 60 projects using the software in the past year, and we’ve found with LEED projects we often get very few, if any, LEED review comments, which saves us valuable time.

Benjamin Skelton P.E.
Cyclone Energy Group (CEG)

The ability to view results, for example, air temperatures with a video rendering in VistaPro is fantastic and particularly useful for validating and interrogating your results – you can see exactly what’s going on in each zone. That, for me, is one of the strongest points of IES.

Riley Beise
Principal, Focal Engineering

The IESVE software is the most sophisticated software package for building energy simulations in the industry. It enabled us to effectively model the complex and dynamic features of the design, as well as helped us understand and comply with occupant comfort criteria that are critical in a naturally ventilated building.

Panos Bakos

Manufacturing Tools

We've worked with these high-profile manufacturers to incorporate their products into our software so you can now apply them directly to your model and evaluate the impact they will have on the performance of your building.