Actimass Air System Plug-in

The Actimass air system plug-in enables IESVE users to model ventilation air passing through structural hollowcore, enabling the comfort and energy benefits associated with the Actimass system.

  • Actimass is an excellent means to activate the thermal mass of a building and is a very effective way of maintaining comfortable and stable temperatures
  • Air based systems are typically created by modifying structural hollowcore flooring and creating a labyrinth or by laying ductwork in a cast in situ floor slab construction
  • Apply the Actimass air system plug-in to your model directly from the Performance Components Library
  • The Actimass Navigator provides a step-by-step, streamlined method for applying Actimass air system plug-in systems to your building model
  • Assess the performance and energy savings on your building model

Technical Details

The Actimass air system plug-in part of the Performance Components Library within the IESVE software. Performance components help architects and engineers deliver low maintenance, energy efficient designs within the built environment. Commercially available structural hollowcores can be imported into the IESVE, providing the geometry and thermal data and a whole host of design and simulation outputs.

Using the VE Navigator for Actimass air system plug-in, components are imported to rooms and the pre configured Actimass air system is automatically created in ApacheHVAC within the assigned rooms. Designs can then be refined to produce optimised energy efficient designs.

Structural Library

The plug-in has a library of different depth and designs of structural hollowcores, and enables these to be simply applied to rooms, zones or buildings.

Once applied, feasibility can be assessed, ventilation strategies designed and compliance evaluated though a series of powerful control panels.