VE Application

VE Gaia

Powerful early stage analysis and climatic / natural resource capabilities improving modelling efficiency and accuracy.



  • Climate/Bio-Climatic Interrogation
    • Climate exploration, analysis and review; including consideration of future climate predictions
    • Bio-Climatic responsive design suggestions for urban layout and built form
    • Temperature, moisture/humidity, wind, precipitation, solar energy, diurnal swing
    • IES Climate Energy Index breakdown of potential climate has to impact energy use
  • Building Metrics/Materials Review
    • Understand the dominant heat exchange characteristics, materials and other metrics of the building
    • Is it skin or internally loaded, what’s the surface area to volume ratio, thermal mass, and natural ventilation form, plus much more
  • Natural Resources/Water Analysis
    • Understand the available potential for solar/wind energy and rainwater resources
    • Review water availability, appliance water use and reduction potential
    • Assess rainwater/greywater/ blackwater efficiencies
    • Choose between LEED, BREEAM and Green Star approaches
  • Energy/Carbon Simulation
    • Use a dynamic thermal simulation at sub-hourly time-steps to interrogate without shading, with simple external shading, or with advanced solar penetration
    • Whole-building energy/carbon (by end use)
    • Benchmark against Architecture 2030 Challenge
    • Max/min results for temperature, humidity and comfort at a room level
    • Per room peak loads breakdown based on dynamic simulation
  • Heating/Cooling Loads Calculation
    • Production of building, system and room heating/cooling loads figures, including peak loads, loads breakdown and cooling air flow rates
    • Choice of ASHRAE and CIBSE calculation methods
  • Daylight/Solar Shading Simulation
    • Assess daylight levels against a fixed threshold with model and tabular results
    • Create a Solar Shading animation across a choice of date ranges
    • Link directly with ModeViewerII to view real time shadows on 3D Model – choose the date and time you want
    • Visualise sun position in the sky in relation to the 3D Model (in ModelViewerII). You can choose to toggle on or off views which show: azimuth, altitude, defined time, sun rise and sun set times, autumn equinox, summer & winter solstices
    • Video animations can be created across time periods (in ModelViewerII)
  • Low/Zero-Carbon Technologies
    • Feasibility assessment of user selected renewables and low carbon technologies in relation to delivered energy and carbon emission mitigation

  • Revolutionary interface de-mystifies simulation opening up performance analysis to a wider range of design professionals.
  • Improved modelling efficiency and accuracy, enabling rapid iterative feedback Input and manipulate exact building data.
  • View concise reports with interactive filters for easy interrogation.
  • Unique built-in Quality Assurance (QA) functionality permits progress to be tracked and checked, encouraging design collaboration.