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HVAC Systems Sizing and Optimization

HVAC Sizing for rooms, zones and central HVAC systems. CIBSE and ASHRAE Heat Balance Methods are available, with additional extensive capabilities.

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Applications for HVAC Systems Sizing and Optimization


Uses a flexible schematic component-based approach that enables you to quickly assemble HVAC plant and control systems.


HVAC Loads Sizing Calculations based on the ASHRAE Heat Balance method. ASHRAELoads can be linked with SunCast for solar shading and ApacheHVAC for System and Plant sizing.


Calculate heat loss and gain calculations based on the CIBSE Guide.

Related Applications


Significantly reduce the time taken to draft and design ductwork systems and incorporate the sized system into your CAD drawings.


Design your pipework system and size your pipes within the Virtual Environment, saving time and increasing productivity.


Central simulation processor which enables you to assess every aspect of thermal performance as well as share results and input across a wide variety of other VE applications.


Simulate air flow driven by wind pressure and buoyancy forces using a fast multi-zone thermo-fluid solver.


Undertake internal or external air flow and thermal studies using Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

VE-Navigator for ASHRAE 90.1

Time-saving facilitation and automation tools for ASHRAE 90.1 Appendix G PRM (LEED Energy Modeling) and ECB (Energy Cost Budget Method).