Assess Capital Costs for Constructions, Systems, and Floor/Ceiling Materials and prepare customised capital cost estimates at any stage of a project.

  • Ability to create, share, and modify, your bespoke library of Cost Data Files
  • Complete NRM (New Rules Measurement) list
  • Option to work with any number of cost data files simultaneously
  • Ability to enter location factors e.g. London weighting
  • Facility to enter BCIS TPIs (Tender Price Indices)
  • Variety of Functional Unit outputs offered for easy comparison e.g. per sqm
  • Fully integrated with the global VE Constructions and ApacheSystems databases – no need to enter data twice
  • 95 reporting elements linked to the central 3D model
  • Fully integrated with LifeCycle to carry out your lifecycle costing

Cost Data Files

CostPlan calculates capital cost by applying your specified cost data to your 3D building model using Cost Data Files.

CostPlan generates all the measurements needed to ensure your estimates are as accurate as possible, such as floor areas, the area of each construction type, and the number of windows and doors.

Costplan comes with cost data or alternatively, you can use your own data.

Cost Data Files from your bespoke library can be customised as required for the project at hand, by defining the categories you want and the elements within them. Amended data can also be re-saved to the library for use in other projects. Cost Data Files contain the following information:

  • The layout of your cost plan
  • Default project level variables
  • Section and sub-section structure
  • A ‘code’ for each element which defines which measurement is used to calculate the cost of the element
  • A cost rate for each element

CostPlan is completely flexible − you can change the model, use the same Cost Data File or alter it as required at any time, and instantly have a revised capital cost.

Analysis Options

  • Select the currency you wish to use for display and reporting purposes
  • Assign element calculation weightings to account for other model independent factors
  • Edit/Add/Move/Delete/Copy any Category or Element to customise the cost plan as required


  • Cost estimates for the whole building
  • Complete New Rules Measurement (NRM) output across Facilitating Works, Substructure, Superstructure, Internal Finishes, Fittings, furnishings and equipment, Services, Complete Buildings and Building Units, External works, Contractor’s management/administration, Contractor’s overheads and profit, Project consultant fees, Risk and Inflation
  • Ability to review at the top-level or drill down into each category
  • Quantities for each type of construction
  • Report quality graphs and tables of category costs or elements costs