VE Application

Breathing Buildings

Breathing Buildings' Natural Ventilation with Heat Recycling (NVHR) is a low energy hybrid ventilation system



The NVHR system allows single-sided, natural ventilation in deep plan spaces whilst making the most of internal heat gains to deliver optimum thermal comfort. This system allows buildings with limited facade and roof space to be naturally ventilated. Its low energy mixing fans mitigate cold draughts in winter and provide an exhaust boost in summer.

Performance Component

Model the Breathing Buildings NVHR system in the VE software.

The NVHR performance component has been added to the library of predefined 3D component representations of manufacturers systems that can be easily dragged from a catalogue of products onto a building model constructed within the VE. Performance and energy savings can then be assessed in an open and transparent process so that users can be confident in the performance of their chosen systems.



  • Breathing Buildings’ NVHR performance component available in the Virtual Environment
  • The NVHR Navigator navigator provides a step-by-step, streamlined method for applying the NVHR component to your building model
  • Assess the performance and energy savings on your building model
  • NVHR Navigator includes guidance for Part L2 (UK) and provides automated CIBSE TM52 reportage