VE Application

Colorcoat Renew SC®

Colorcoat Renew SC® from Tata Steel is an active solar air heating solution that provides renewable pre-heated air for space heating and ventilation in new construction and retrofit buildings.


Model Colorcoat Renew SC® solar collectors in the VE software

The Colorcoat Renew SC® solar collectors are part of the Performance Components Library within the VE. Performance components help architects and engineers deliver low maintenance, energy efficient designs within the built environment. Pre-built manufacturer assemblies can be imported to the VE, providing a mix of geometry and thermal data as per manufacturer specification.




  • The quick to install, low investment Colorcoat Renew SC® system utilises solar energy to raise the temperature of the external air feed for a conventional heating system, reducing the amount of gas needed to heat the building to the required temperature.
  • The most suitable types of buildings for this renewable technology are non-domestic buildings in the industrial, commercial or public sectors.
  • The Colorcoat Renew SC® navigator provides a step-by-step, streamlined method for applying Colorcoat Renew SC® to your building model.
  • Assess the performance and energy savings on your building model.