VE Application


The Daikin VRV Systems Plug-in delivers the most advanced modelling capabilities currently available for heat pump and heat recovery VRV systems.


The software offers an air conditioning load calculator and energy efficiency simulator specific to Daikin VRV systems, allowing architects and engineers to accurately predict an entire system’s efficiency from the outset of a project: demonstrating system efficiencies of up to 9.1.

This helps to ensure that HVAC calculations and energy efficiency ratings meet today’s tough energy efficiency legislation and Building Regulations, while reducing the risk of over-specification and helping to control project costs.


  • Tool covers the whole Daikin VRV III range, including all 2-pipe and 3 pipe options
  • Loads Calculations are used to auto-size all the kit and auto-generate pipe length for the units
  • Undertake full thermal simulations to reveal Annual Loads, Power Input and Efficiencies
  • Gain complete control over all system specification details
  • Tool integrates with VE 2012 versions or later

In order to ensure quality of Daikin system application and installation, training on the tool prior to use is required to ensure the best VRV system is chosen and installed correctly. Once completed, users will be able to download the Daikin VRV Systems Plug-in online. 

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  • Undertake simulation analysis to generate realistic power input calculations using detailed Daikin manufacturers data
  • Simulate on-site system performance based on climate data
  • Compare and evaluate alternative configurations to maximise energy efficiency and lower building energy use
  • Make accurate climate control system and efficiency calculations at the design stage