VE Application

Monodraught Hybrid Thermal Mixing (HTM®)

Monodraught's HTM® system is designed to provide natural ventilation, hybrid ventilation, secure night time cooling and boosted levels of ventilation during summer.


HTM Systems

Hybrid Thermal Mixing (HTM®) systems are designed to provide natural ventilation and hybrid ventilation incorporating mixed tempered air for winter periods. In addition, the systems have the ability to provide secure night time cooling, and boosted levels of ventilation during summer. The HTM systems are designed to work in conjunction with natural ventilation and can be used in single sided or cross flow ventilation strategies.

Performance Components

Model Monodraught HTM® systems in the VE. The HTM® performance components have been added to the library of predefined 3D component representations of Monodraught systems that can be dragged easily from a catalogue of products onto a building model constructed within the VE. The HTM® systems can then be assessed in an open and transparent process so that users can be confident in the performance of their chosen systems.

The HTM® components are available within the VE ApacheHVAC Application. When the componet has been added to the building model, the VE analysis tools can be used to provide the user with:

  • A visual insight into the performance of the HTM & HTM FS systems year round
  • Authentic textures, offering architects and designers a means of understanding the aesthetics of Monodraught systems
  • How best to integrate them into a building



  • Apply Hybrid Thermal Mixing (HTM®) ventilation systems to your model directly from the Performance Components Library
  • Assess the performance and energy savings on your building model
  • Use VE analysis tools to determine best integration of systems into a building