BIM Navigator

The IES BIM Navigator brings all information and import settings into one step-by-step workflow, facilitating import from a variety of modelling tools.

Easily create, exchange and update your models as the design evolves. The smooth and robust two-way information exchange between IESVE and BIM platforms speeds up the design process and facilitates digital design.

The IES BIM Navigator brings all import settings into one step-by-step workflow, facilitating import from a variety of modelling tools. Free to existing customers, the Navigator encompasses features related to healing geometry on import including a Quarantine zone where issues can be visualised and guidance provided on how best to address them.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Customise what data is imported and how it is assigned in the VE
  • Update geometry & Data as the design evolves without having to re-build geometry or re-assign existing data
  • Best practice modelling information
  • Visibly see the import process
  • Interoperability with BIM platforms enables two-way information exchange to speed up the design process
    • Choice of gbXML, veXML or IFC import, gbXML export
    • Include ASHRAE or CIBSE heating and cooling loads in the gbXML export

Key Features

Shell Correction (room geometry healing)  corrects common geometrical errors encountered in exported files from BIM authoring platforms

Geometry Errors can be viewed in the new ‘Quarantine Zone’ from the model tree and the model viewer. The model viewer also allows for the visible checking of surface orientations.

Capping  functionality creates ceilings or roofs for multiple zones that have parts of their volume geometry exceeding the correct floor height.

Gap Filling
One of the most common issues found in imported models are gaps in the geometry where rooms in the originating source models have not been accounted for, for example ceiling voids, risers and stair access areas. Gap Filling will add in a volume to the model removing the requirement of going back to the originating model.

Improved BIM Import Functionality
Steps to import modelling data into the VE have been simplified and enhanced in response to industry needs and customer feedback. Users can now also export modelling data.

  • 4 step import process
  • New & smarter model ‘healing’ options improve the import
  • More flexible import options allow users to choose what comes into the software

New Export functions
User can now also export modelling data

  • gbXML export of IESVE calculated CIBSE/ASHRAE Loads back into BIM model
  • Export options make file storage simpler

New model merge functions
The ‘Import Wizard’ allows the comparison of an existing model that has been imported and simulated to a newly imported model geometry and data.

Revit systems Import
Systems included in gbXML exported from Revit can be imported to VE. Systems are mapped to ApacheHVAC detailed prototype systems to reflect options chosen and space or zone assignments ready for sizing calculations, loads reporting and dynamic simulation after import.

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